5,000 YouTube Subscribers!

Well, once again I'm amazed by the support of the online Irish music community as my YouTube channel has now rolled over 5,000 subscribers. To celebrate, I'm giving away one of the whistles that I used to tour with regularly but which is now taking up space and doesn't get played anymore so I figured someone else might get some more use out of it.

Check out the giveaway video here and drop a comment to be entered into the drawing, and thanks again for all those of you who have subscribed!


4,000 YouTube Subscribers!

I can't believe it, but my YouTube channel hit 4,000 subscribers. That's certainly not a lot by YouTube content creator standards but for Irish traditional music/tin whistle/flute standards that seems like a lot to me, so I'm pretty happy about it. To celebrate, I posted a video whereby subscribers could drop a comment and I randomly selected one to win a Glenn Schultz A whistle that I'm not playing anymore.


New whistle video - Scots Wha Hae

I uploaded another Scottish tune to my YouTube channel, a great Robert Burns song called Scots Wha Hae. It can be played as a pipe air/march or, as we do with The Nashville Celts as a full song as the lyrics are wonderful.  I played it a few different ways in this video to offer some options and as always, add your own spin on it!

Check it out here if you're so inclined.

I did a thing!

I recently played a show with The Nashville Celts at the Middle Tennessee Highland Games and we came up with a bunch of new music for the show, among which was a tune that I wrote called Grand Street. Since this was the first time I'd ever written anything that I didn't immediately hate it was also the first time I'd ever performed anything that I'd written live, so I managed to get a video of it and posted it to my YouTube channel. Check it out if you're so inclined.

New A whistle (and new video!)

I completed my Gary Humphrey whistle collection with an A whistle last week and recorded a video with it to show it off. I had a good A whistle for a while but needed something a bit more reliable with more volume and this new one didn't disappoint. In this video on my YouTube channel I'm playing the old Scottish song Wild Mountain Thyme. Let me know what you think in the comments!

New tin whistle video - The Rolling Waves

This is one of my favorite tunes to play so I figured I was long overdue to make a video for it. It's a lovely 2-part D jig that has a few different settings, specifically in the B part where some folks play a C# and others a C-natural. I prefer the C# version so that's what I've recorded here.

Check it out on my YouTube channel and feel free to let me know if there are any other tunes you'd like to see there.