tin whistle

New tin whistle video - The Rolling Waves

This is one of my favorite tunes to play so I figured I was long overdue to make a video for it. It's a lovely 2-part D jig that has a few different settings, specifically in the B part where some folks play a C# and others a C-natural. I prefer the C# version so that's what I've recorded here.

Check it out on my YouTube channel and feel free to let me know if there are any other tunes you'd like to see there.

New whistle video - Leslie's March

I uploaded a new tin whistle lesson video to my YouTube channel, covering the tune Leslie's March (aka The March from Oscar to Malvina). This was one of the first tunes that I learned by ear, picking it up first from a Chieftains record when I was about sixteen. I then heard it a few years later on the first Solas album, which was one of those records that really impacted me as I was learning to play. For a while it was the only tune that I could play at Solas-speed (read: fast!)

New tin whistle video - The Fair Wind

This is a cool three part reel in G that I was reminded of when I was in New York a few weeks ago, as it came up at a session there.  I used to play it pretty often but it sort of fell off my radar recently and I was glad to break it out again. Seemed like it would make a good tin whistle lesson, so I recorded it for YouTube. Have a look!

I first heard it from the band Dervish and learned it years ago but it also pops up in our home session in Nashville from time to time. I was glad to be reminded of it!